About Us

WHY AMERICA / AUSTRALIA?                                                    
We're playing our part to support and combat exploitative wages, child labour, and extreme production conditions that still run rampant in the garment industry throughout Asia, parts of South America, and India. We’re also trying to do our bit for the environment; both Australia and America - in particular California - have environmental regulations that are strictly monitored and enforced.
Through and through, I’m an Australian at heart who feels at home along the Californian shores.
~ The Bronx Ltd Founder
The heart of our company is to offer an alternative for consumers who are looking for standout, limited edition apparel that’s produced with a strong emphasis on social justice, global awareness, and overall credibility. Our company distributes its exclusive line globally with an emphasis on quality, uniqueness & affordability.
Our graphics are far from being mass produced - they’re hand-crafted, artisan creations, spun from the love of all things creative. All of our apparel is proudly made and printed in California & Melbourne using Combed & Ring Spun Cotton with no Carded Open End Cottons making it highly durable and soft to the touch.
THE RESULT?                                                                                   
We can guarantee that you’ll love your TBL purchase! Our garments will show you what quality clothing feels like - and how long it lasts.
Our goal: to give each of our customers the experience of how a quality piece of clothing should feel like, so everyone gets a taste of the best. Our aims are to create a global community made up of both fans and contributors, provide support to reputable charities, and shake and destabilise an apparel industry that needs its head read!
~ The Bronx Ltd Family