If you're a living breathing functioning human with a creative mind or imagination, you qualify.

Use your creative flair to create an eye-catching and inspirational design which could be used on our quality streetwear, your creativity could pop up on the furthest reaches of this fine planet or just down the street.

All submissions will be considered and each month 10 designs will be selected and showcased on our platform. Should yours be selected, you will then have the opportunity to receive a percentage from the sale of every item sold in that month carrying your piece of artwork. Further more, the graphics that sells the most units within that month will receive an additional cash prize.

You are welcome to submit as many entries as you would like with no restriction and there is no entry fee or cost in submitting.

We will help promote your works by showcasing them on our social media platforms and elsewhere. We suggest you do the same.

So, get in contact and apply to become a partner with The Bronx Ltd