After many years in and around the apparel industry, I still can't grasp the lack of value apparel companies put on quality over profit. Nor could I fathom the lack of respect apparel companies showed toward their artistic departments, the heart and soul of an apparel brand.

I decided to create an alternative. One that recognised designers, whilst delivering to market consistent quality, ethical, fresh, unique graphics, on quality well designed styles and fabrics.

TheBronxLtd.com was born with a vision & mission: to create a safe haven for artists from around the globe, we help to bring their creativity to life on quality, ECO-conscious, sweatshop and child labour free garments.

Each graphic produced is a limited edition, created by an international array of talent from over 100 countries.

We’ve been humbled by the opportunity to foster an international community of incredibly talented creatives. So, if you are an artist or not, we trust you will support their struggle for an identity, career and exposure.

Importantly, unlike most apparel brands, there are no restraints put on our artists, their designs remain theirs, in fact we not only deliver a vehicle for their art, we passionately promote their works in the hope that their lives are enriched and careers flourish.

Join us in empowering independent artists around the world.